A good nose job makes a big difference

For many years my best friend Alice complained about how much she hated her nose. I never really thought that her nose was as ugly as she thought it was, but she complained about it constantly. I guess that since we had been best friends since the third grade, when looks were not something that girls really worried about. Especially the girls that were Tom-boys, as we were, that by the time we were teenagers and were worried every minute about whether or not a boy liked us, or whether or not we would be the last friend to get married, worry about being the “old maid” and all of those other silly things that girls worry about. No, we did not worry about our looks back then, and by the time we were dating age I had come to love her as my best friend, and so I always thought that she looked just fine. After all, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and once you get to know someone for their heart, then their physical appearance becomes more of an interpretation of the personality.

When she showed up at my door unannounced last week, after having dropped off of the face of the earth, I have to admit that I did not even recognize her at first. She had changed her hair, was wearing contact lenses, and was sporting a brand new nose job! What a difference! She was thrilled with her new looks. Once I got over the shock, she explained that she had fallen down in her kitchen and had broken her nose. When she went to the doctor’s he told her that he had to give her a nose job so she might as well pick out the one that she wanted! I’m glad to know that there was a real medical reason behind the surgery, and not just vanity.