Food and fish

We have recently added an addition to our family. I went out and bought a fish tank and set it up in our living room. I have always wanted a fish tank and am finally in a position to take care of it. I will say however that it is a lot of work and will need lots of attention in the future.

The kids love it already. They spend hours looking at the fish and I believe it is good for them to do so. They like to ask many questions about the fish and I do my best to answer them all. That is not always easy to do. Sometimes I have to wing it and make up something believable.

The best part about the tank is that it looks so good. At night the tank is lit up and you can see the fish swimming around. I feed them in the morning and at night and that gives me a little bit of happiness every day. I often wonder if our fish are happy living as they do in a little tank but I like to think they are happy as they now a part of our family.