Bottoms Up!

My mother and I spent some time cleaning out one of the closets in the family room downstairs. It was nice to spend some quite, quality time with her, usually there are other people around or we are on the road driving somewhere, usually a doctors appointment, or waiting in a waiting room somewhere.

Her father came from a large family that was blessed with so many types of musical talents and my mother managed to save a lot of memorabilia from back in the glory days that we took some time to look at and talk about. I always learn so much from her during times like this. I have always loved to look at old pictures and listen to stories about all of their adventures, I’m proud that my daughter seems to have inherited some of that musical talent, lord knows it skipped right by me.

My mom decided it was time to part with some of this stuff, so she found a box and divided up some of the pictures, sheet music, classic guitar strings, letters, magazines, articles, newspaper clippings, sketches, dance steps and other related stuff and turned it over to me to enjoy and pass down to my daughter along the way.