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My Uncle Jack was known for always having a cigar in his mouth. The half smoked cigar that he was enjoying and had left in the one ash tray in the house, right next to his easy chair in the living room that he spent a good amount of time in, just kicking back and enjoying his golden years after retiring from working his butt off in the same factory for all of his working years.

I still enjoy the smell of a good cigar and when I go to visit my cousin Michael I can usually smell his house before I get to the front door, he has been smoking either a pipe or cigars for so long that the house has gotten saturated with the strong smell of these tobacco products. It doesn’t bother me but I know it irks the heck out of his wife, which doesn’t bother me either since her and I have never really gotten along all that much. It irks her real bad that every year for Christmas I bring over a new box of cigars for Michael to try out and he always gives me a case of some off the wall new bear that he wants me to try out. Sometimes we get lucky and like the new gifts and sometimes we strike out, but it is fun and it’s always something that I look forward to during the Christmas holiday season.

This year I am getting him a box of cao cigars that I found online a few months ago. I wonder what kind of beer I am going to be picking up and bringing home in exchange. There are so many new beers coming out it’s hard to even start to know what he will pick out. Won’t be long until I found out now.

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