Music is a personal thing

One thing that my husband and I do not agree on is music. He likes the “moldy oldies” from the 1940’s and 1950’s while I much prefer to listen to what I call “classic” rock and roll like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, ¬†and The Who. ¬†Since my hubby is home all of the time, and in pain from all of his injuries, I humor him and let him listen to his music when we are together. But when I am alone, if music is playing it is “my” music as quick as I can change the station!

Another thing we disagree on when it comes to listening to music is that he likes to listen to music at the highest volume possible! That loudness really hurts my ears! So there are a lot of times when I get into my car and start the engine and am blasted with very loud music! I need to learn to turn the volume down on the radio before I even turn the key!