Christmas tree ornament storage

Hand decorated light bulb ornament

I decorated this light bulb ornament myself

Last winter was so hectic that I did not have the time to carefully clean, wrap and box up all of the fragile Christmas tree ornaments that I love so dearly.  With all of the sudden family illnesses that came upon us, I barely had time to put the leftover food away in the refrigerator! In an effort to quickly make room for both of my parents to stay here while they recovered from their life-threatening illnesses, I just basically swept all of the holiday cheer out into the garage.  I quickly put the ornaments, unwrapped, loose in boxes and just hauled them out to the garage for a quick temporary solution. I really hated to just put them in the garage like that, and I worried about the bugs and rodents and heat and humidity would ruin all of the hand-made items that I had created over the years. Some of those ornaments are really special to me, like the ornament that is pictured on this blog –  I made that beautiful ornament from a burnt out lightbulb!

Just two weeks ago my sister was teasing me about how I still had some of the Christmas decorations on top of the kitchen cabinets, and on top of the television in the studio! I even had a couple of miniature artificial Christmas trees out on display in the media room! But then she said that since it was only three months before Christmas that I should just leave all of the Christmas decorations and ornaments out instead of putting them away and in the basement! While I agree that makes sense, I was worried that the longer I left the ornaments out in the garage the higher the risk that they could become damaged.

So I was really glad when Jim came over for the weekend and offered to help me go through all of the decorations and pack them away properly. It took all day long but it sure felt good when that chore was finally finished. I am definitely the kind of person that wants everything in its place, and that disorganized mess was really bothering me a lot! Now when I have the entire extended family over for Thanksgiving dinner I won’t still have last year’s dust covered Christmas decorations out!