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Going out to eat

Wait staff at restaurants (free clip art)

Wait staff at restaurants

One thing that everybody in my family loves to do is to go out to eat. The challenge is that we don’t always agree on where to go. My son likes Chinese food or pizza while my hubby prefers steak. It’s always hard to find a place that will please everyone. If we are going out to eat to celebrate someone’s birthday we will let the guest of honor choose what type of food to eat. After all, it IS that person’s birthday! Sometimes we will celebrate something else, like a promotion at work, or a new job, or someone’s good news of some kind. Again, there is usually a guest of honor and we let that person pick the restaurant.

If we are just going out to eat because we “feel like it” we figure out who is paying for the meal, and THAT person picks the place! We live too far out in the country to be able to call for some kind of delivery (that’s the only thing I dislike about living out here!) but occasionally one of us will volunteer to go pick up pizza or Chinese food in town to bring back with them for us to eat. We have a couple of large insulated bags we use to put the food in at the restaurant to help keep the food hot on the way home.

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