Monthly Archives: September 2011

Killing in a small town

My brother Dave called today and said that there had been a murder-suicide about 20 miles from where I grew up.  It seems strange that something like that could happen in a place where everyone knows everyone else.  You never think about those things happening in small-town America.  Small towns are thought to be friendly places, where you know everyone and neighbors greet each other when they meet on the street.

This, like so many of these cases, was the result of a domestic dispute mixed with alcohol.  It is so sad that a nine-year old little girl will have to live with the memory of her father shooting her mother right in front of her.  She will surely have nightmares for the rest of her life.  I hope that she finds someone, a family member hopefully, that will take her in and nurture her so that she grows up to be a fine young woman.

I think that the shooter in this case was very selfish.  He should have thought of what would happen to his daughter, with no mother or father for the remainder of her life.  Very sad indeed.

Dinner out

It has been a very busy week at work, been putting in a lot of overtime.  So I was just too tired to cook supper tonight.  So we went out to eat dinner at a local all-you-can-eat restaurant so I wouldn’t have to bother with cooking supper or washing dishes.  I like this restaurant a lot – you order your main course of meat (or pasta) and then you help yourself to their buffet style bars full of veggies, salads, fruits, desserts, breads, etc.  The price is reasonable, and the food is always good.  And I get to eat without having to do any of the work!

My friend’s birthday

I called my best friend today to wish her a happy birthday.  She said that I was the first one to wish her a happy birthday (other than family) and was glad to hear from me.  I asked her how her day had been, and she said that she had to work today.  She said her feelings were hurt because last week one of her co-workers had a birthday and the co-workers threw a party for her, but no one at work acknowledged her birthday today at all.  I felt really badly about that because she is a really good person and does not deserve to have her feelings hurt like that.

When will the “chicken littles” get over it?

Goodness knows I’m getting tired of hearing “the sky is falling” messages from people about how using cell phones is bad for you.  For years people have been trying to link cell phone usage with brain cancer, and now they are trying to link it with decreased fertility in men?  Good grief!  Get over it already!  If there is decreased fertility in men, where exactly are they holding their cell phones?

This is probably old news to you

My sister sent me a link to a story on a news site that she likes to read about a story of some Danish college students who were kicked off of Facebook because they had documented with photographs (posted on the web) themselves cooking and eating a cat.  They claimed that they were doing this to protest the way that people eat animals in general, and that their cat was a feral cat killed by a farmer who was trying to control the number of cats on his land, but their efforts created such a huge outrage that they ended up getting kicked off of Facebook.

I know that there are some cultures that eat cats (and dogs) routinely, but those are two animals that I cannot imagine myself eating on purpose.  If I could arrange my life so that I was a vegetarian I would do so, but my life is a little too complicated for that right now.