Monthly Archives: June 2008

Truce broken

Last week there was a cease fire started between Gaza strip militants and Israel.  When I read about the truce, I thought “that’s not going to last very long!”  Well, it sure seems that I was right, according to the news that truce was broken yesterday.  I have to give credit to the world leaders that they keep trying to broker a peace in that area (this time it was Egypt) but I really feel that there are just too many fanatics out there to allow a peace to happen for very long.  It really is a terrible shame that so many people are so invested in having the violence continue.

Two thousand year old seed sprouted

I was reading an article on the Internet about how a two-thousand year old seed has been sprouted and is growing steadily.  It has been growing for 26 months and is now four feet tall.  It is the seed of a Judean date tree that is now extinct.  Apparently several seeds of this type were discovered 40 years ago and have simply been stored until recently, when some scientists decided to try to germinate it.  I don’t know why they only tried one!  Anyway, what is cool and important about this is that they think (and hope) that the tree will have some medicinal uses. 

That gives me hope for the seeds that I should have planted last year!  Maybe I can still plant them and they’ll sprout!

30 Days

I am so excited because I just found out that one of my favorite TV shows, called 30 days is going to be returning this summer – in fact it is starting Tuesday June 3!  It is on at 10pm which is past my bedtime, so I am going to have to set up the VCR to tape it!  I am so excited it’s back on!