Sparks flying

Over the years I have owned several dogs. I think that the first dog that I bought was when I was around the age of twenty-two. At the time I lived in an apartment that did not allow dogs or pets, but there had been an incident where a person had broken into my apartment and since I lived alone and was in the apartment at the time I pleaded with the property manager of the apartment complex to allow me to get a dog. Since I had been an ideal tenant for several years by then the apartment manager agreed to let me have a small dog if I took it to obedience classes.

Thus began my life with dogs. I love dogs. Many of my dogs I obtained as puppies, and I was able to have a lot of control over how they were socialized and trained. More recently, however, I have joined the crusade for rescuing abandoned pets from animal shelters, and those dogs have always presented a more challenging time to get them to learn what is and is not acceptable in my house. For example, I had recently fostered a couple of dogs that I was told were already several years old and were house pets. Why, then, when I turned on my heating pad to warm my feet this morning did sparks fly and the circuit breaker blow? Upon closer inspection, the cord had been chewed during the course of the night. I’m just really glad that nobody was hurt and the house did not burn down!

2015 Concerts and Tours Heating Up

rock concert (free clip art)

rock concert (free clip art)

The way your favorite artists sound on your computer or music player is nothing compared to the way those artists sound in person. While some blanch at spending money on expensive concert tickets, going to those shows is a simple way to support your favorite artists. Some of the top artists of today will join together for some of the hottest shows of the upcoming year. Whether you’re a traditionalist who loves classic rock, or you prefer the more popular music of today, now is a good time to learn more about the hottest tours and concerts of 2015.

Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac gained a new legion of fans after an episode of the television series “Glee” centered on the band’s music. Singer Stevie Nicks later brought more attention to the band after appearing and singing on “American Horror Story: Coven” before coming back to the band. Fleetwood Mac now features the same original lineup that recorded a series of hit songs years ago. Though the band went on tour in 2014, their fans clamored for more. After selling out venues across the country, Fleetwood Mac announced plans to go back on tour.

Billy Idol

Jordan Kurland and others who appreciate the sounds of the late 1980s and early 1990s can look forward to seeing Billy Idol back on tour. Best known for songs like “White Wedding” and his white blonde hair, the singer will hit the stage in 2015 for a concert that many believe might sell out. Though Idol performed throughout the 1990s and into the 2000s, he also took some time to focus on his family and his personal life, but the singer is now back with a vengeance. Opening up for Idol are the bands Tropical Depression and Little Man.

Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks is the top selling country music artist of all time. He recorded a series of hit songs and set records that artists like Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift have yet to break. After trying to cross over into the pop music world, he returned to country and spent several years recording before retiring to spend time with his wife, fellow artist Tricia Yearwood, and his family. Jordan and anyone else who has a fondness for country music will see Brooks tour the country in 2015. Garth Brooks, Billy Idol and Fleetwood Mac represent some of the top concerts and tours for the upcoming year.

Comforts of home

fireplace (free clip art)

fireplace (free clip art)

There just seems to be something so warm and even romantic about a fire in the fireplace. If there is one thing I could think of I like about the cold weather it is the chance to light a fire in the fireplace. We usually put some pillows on the floor and watch a good movie on the television with popcorn at hand.

The comfort of a warm fire helps keep our family together and feeling that our house is a home. I am always glad when we all agree on a good thing.

Invited out for Thanksgiving

I’ve been invited out to a friends house for Thanksgiving this year.  I’m very grateful for the invitation; I’ve had a hectic autumn and it looks like a hectic winter is approaching, so not having to clean and cook and entertain at my house this year is a blessing!  The only drawback is that I won’t have as much leftover turkey as I like to have for leftover meals.  So I guess I’ll be buying a turkey breast anyway and cooking it up here at home so we can have leftover turkey no matter what.  I’ll be making a cranberry-orange-apple relish dish to take with me to the dinner to share with the other guests.  It’s a recipe I’ve had for about four years now, and I like it a lot.  I hope the other guests will like it too!

Why are so Many People Complaining About a Solicitor

Most individuals at some point have heard horror stories about members of the public, who have had a very poor or negative experience with a solicitor. It is so commonplace that it has become the source of numerous jokes and comedy routines and has resulted in some very negative stereotypes associated with lawyers. It is a sad fact that not all solicitors perform their duties in a way that is satisfactory to their clients. This is one reason why there are so many people complaining about a solicitor.

Satisfaction has nothing to do with the outcome of a case, whether the outcome is positive or negative for the client involved. Dissatisfaction usually has to do with the level of service received or how the solicitor performed their job. There are usually complaints about things such as the lack of communication. People often say things such as “I had to do all the calling” or ‘they never returned my calls”.

Lack of communication between a client and a solicitor is a sure recipe for disaster and can leave clients feeling dissatisfied with their solicitor. This can also be the reason why the team just never seemed to click. The solicitor, client relationship, simply started off on the wrong foot and continued to go downhill.

If there is no communication or too little communication, there are so many other problems that stem from this one issue. A client can then have serious concerns about their billing and the hours they are billed for. They doubt the hours the solicitor claims to have been working on their behalf if they did  not see or feel any evidence of that level of effort or diligence on the part of the solicitor.

The client has doubts because the channels of communication were closed instead of opened.  It is important and always a good idea to keep clients in the loop and up to date with all relevant areas of their case. This ensures that they know all the work and effort that goes into their case and the ultimate result. This way they can be comfortable and have a certain level of trust and acceptance instead of doubts about billing.

Communications is really a key factor when it comes to solicitor negligence and the breakdown of the relationship and trust between solicitor and client. It is a fact that even after things have gone wrong, effective and honest communication can sometimes remedy the situation. Clients are people they want to be heard and they want to feel as if they matter. Solicitors who take the time out of their busy schedules to communicate effectively with their clients reap the rewards and can testify to the results.

When a client voices their concerns and issues it is important to take note and address them and respond. This will greatly eliminate the number of people complaining about a solicitor.

If you need to complain about a solicitor visit SOS Claims.